How to Write Persuasive/Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essay is a relatively short piece of text, which is characterized by author’s intention to defend his point of view or persuade the readers to share his or her opinion. Such essay can include references to real facts, evidence, experiments and whatever needed to support author’s judgment regarding particular matter. The focus of a persuasive essay is certainty and confidence.

When it comes to writing this type of essay, you should present the facts undoubtedly and consistently. Regardless of the topic, you should consider using elements described below in order to compose a strong essay.

The first requirement of a successful persuasive essay is that you should feel passionate about the subject discussed. Next, make sure your opinion is committed and reasonable. How is it possible to persuade readers if you’re not convinced enough yourself? Your audience must be assured that you know the subject perfectly.

Remember, you cannot convince your readers with just your passion. The more facts your essay presents, the better it is for your writing comprehension. However, the order of facts is more important than their quantity. Stating your point, put the most powerful, indisputable facts at the beginning. This will help to draw the readers’ attention and intrigue them right from the start.

If the subject of your essay is rather controversial, take your time to familiarize yourself with other positions on the discussed matter. Mentioning the other opinions in your essay will show the readers that you know the arguments of your opponents, and you know how to oppose them. Be more concrete on why you have developed your point of view despite all the others.

If you observe these principles while writing, most of your readers will tend to agree with you.